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With the new year, came a new resolution to aspire to.
 I really want to focus on getting healthier this year. That means getting more active, trimming the waistline and simply learning to take more time to enjoy the little things. All these things together will allow a much better way to focus on changing in whole for the better.

Roasted Beanz: #FrozenFavorites


One big problem I’ve always had with getting healthier, was remembering to take the time to eat. I either snack endlessly or am trying to fit in chores while the kids are occupied with mealtimes. So the first stop on this healthy bandwagon is finding a fast, easy, yet healthy lunch option. Once I can eat smarter, I’m sure I’ll sleep better and have more energy as well.

That meant the first stop on this resolution train was heading to Sam’s Club. I knew they would have a good selection of fresh or frozen meals to choose from and offer a great price buying in bulk. In fact, you can see my whole shopping adventure {the kids always make shopping interesting} right over on my G+ account {Shopping at Sam’s Club for great #FrozenFavorites!}. And find just what I’d need indeed!


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Shining like a budget beacon, I found out that both Lean Cuisine meals and Skinny Cow ice cream were on sale! Taking only a few minutes a day, I was certain that I’d found a great lunch plan to stock my freezer with. The Asian Flavor 6-pack was just $9.98 and the Italian Favorites 4-pack was only $6.98. Not only saving calories, Lean Cuisine is helping me save more money as well! And what is a great portion controlled entree without a little dessert?

Staying true and resolute to enjoy the little things more, I swung over to the Sam’s Club ice cream section and found an incredible price for the Skinny Cow vanilla and cookies-n-cream ice cream sandwiches. Discounted through February, I was really happy to find that Skinny Cow was marked down to $8.98. I bought a huge box that held 20 great yet low fat snacks for the whole family.

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With that done, and a few more things picked up, I packed the kids up and headed home! Once there I stocked up my freezer and ransacked the pantry to find a great side to eat with my new Lean Cuisine frozen options. I needed something fast, and with that I realized the best option would be to steam up some green beans. A very versatile veggie, all I’d need to do is brush on a different sauce to accent the meal it was being served with.


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I decided to try out two of my Lean Cuisines for lunch this past weekend. The first was the Chicken Parmesan from the Italian Favorites. I was very impressed to start with that the Lean Cuisines have NO preservatives. All the nutrition information is highlighted on the front of the box and it can be either microwaved or oven baked. For our initial taste tests, I decided to bake our meals.

And I continued to be impressed! The chicken was very good and baking the Chicken Parmesan kept the noodles being just right. Not too soft yet still firm. For accompanying side, I steamed some green beans and drizzled on a light Italian Dressing. To also highlight the entree flavors, I added a small dab of basil pesto my plate as well. I’m telling you what…this was totally scrumptious!


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The second meal was the Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry. Again, no preservatives and lots of great veggies made this look like a colorful choice. I paired it with steamed green beans and water chestnuts. Once plated, I drizzled a homemade hoisin-soy dressing over my side of veggies to give it a Asian taste as well.

Now, I sort of goofed baking this dish. I ripped off the cover instead of simply leaving it slit. Regardless, it still turned out rather well! These dishes weren’t overwhelmed with salt, and this dish had a light and flavorful sauce. I thought the Stir Fry tasted fresh, the carrots were crunchy, and the snow peas popped in your mouth. Paired with crunchy green beans and water chestnuts it turned into a very filling meal! You can find the recipe for the homemade sauce I used at the bottom of this post.


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And don’t forget dessert! Easy to eat, our new Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are the perfect handheld snack. But they also make for a great {and low-calorie} banana sundae! All I did was drizzle a little chocolate sauce on the plate, center the Skinny Cow vanilla ice cream sandwich, and garnish with a whole banana and light whipped cream! Well, I also sprinkled a little ground chocolate and coffee beans on top.


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Well I don’t know about you, but I feel healthier already! Here’s the notes I made while whipping up the Hoisin-Soy dressing to brush on my side of green beans and water chestnuts. I’m all about keeping things simple. And these were fast and easy to make.




Are you ready to work on a few new healthy habits yourself? Then head over to Sam’s Club and grab these great frozen favorites for yourself as well! While your at it, you may also like to see the Sam’s Club Nestle Showcase.

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