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Recently, I’ve really made an effort to get our household {and myself} healthier. And part of that, includes bringing more healthy snacks and meals from home instead of depending on a drive-thru menu. And one way I’ve discovered to do that, is with Tyson Homestyle Chicken Fries.

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Its not so much that we live this crazy or hectic lifestyle. Its just that with two young kids meal times can stretch f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Wanting to do the bulk of our running in the middle of the day, while still competing with naptime schedule makes it even harder to fit everything in. And prior to this time, we’d depend on take-out for our meals on the go.

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Not only that, but the kids and I both eat the same or similarly throughout the day. So while I’m learning how to eat better, I’m also wanting to instill a healthy mindset for them as well. And that is where taking steps to avoid take-out by bringing our own kids meals for the road comes into play. While we’re bustling about to get everything in order to leave, I’ll pop the Tyson Chicken Fries in the oven {or microwave} to cook.

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Once the Tyson Chicken Fries are nearly done, I’ll grab a few silicone baking cups and our reusable plastic food storage. The baking cups do great for keeping the kids yummy eats separated on plates or meals such as this. And our go-to reusable food storage is the “sandwich” size unit I found at the dollar store. In just a few minutes flat, I have things filled up and ready to go.

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In times where the meal is delayed, I also utilize mini-food storage squares or tinfoil for keeping our kids meals in order. But for most of our quick trips out, these silicone cups work out perfect. Plus, the kids LOVE the pop of color and overall look it brings to their lunch. Personally, I also love saving on pre-packaged chips, crackers, or cookies to make whipping these easy chicken snacks up even faster. In fact, you can see everything I bought for this meal on our recent trip to Sam’s Club.

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And I’m not left out either. I toss 1/8 cup of shredded cheese, 1 cup of lettuce and 4 Tyson Chicken fries in a whole grain tortilla. And voila, I have my own fast lunch on the go at just 270 calories. {Drizzle in a touch of ranch or your favorite low-fat vinaigrette for added zip too.} I’ll pour myself some iced tea or water in reusable cold cup for the road and I’m just as happy as the kids!

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Overall, we’ve always been big Tyson Foods fans. But its great to change up the normal nugget and keep things interesting with these Homestyle Chicken Fries. The fact that they’re so easily adapted to our needs make it an even easier choice. And knowing that my kids are happy learning to eat healthier meals while we’re out is the real win/win I was looking for.

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Make sure to check out this as well as all the great products that Tyson Foods offer on their website {http://www.tyson.com}. And the more specific Club Tyson can also be found on Facebook and Twitter as well. 


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    This is such a great idea for presentation and foods to serve for my granddaughters “tea party”.

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