Nutrisystem: A Month Of Weight Loss #NSnation #spon

This is a sponsored post. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you. 

So its been one month now and I have lost 8.4 pounds! I’m pretty geeked that I’m right on track with the normal progression of weight loss experienced Nutrisystem. And with a new month’s worth of pantry and frozen favorites stocked, I’m excited to see what the next month holds!

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Week Four: Women’s SUCCESS Select Plan

For me this has been a real month of change. I’ve recovered from one of those nasty lingering colds {sinus, double ear, and chest infection} as well as a very bad sprained ankle. I needed to heal, and at this same time I’d also begun the journey towards a healthy lifestyle. I’m really thankful that I started Nutrisystem when I did. I personally found that it really gave me the boost nutritionally that I was missing.

I’m really enjoying the amazing online support system where I’m able to track all my measurements, weight, and activity. Not only that but there are also community forums that I want to investigate more in the coming month. And it is so helpful to have dietitians to help with lingering questions I had for finding the best way to plan my meals. Its honestly the oddest feeling to realize, that I’m not working at this by myself anymore.

Roasted Beanz: Nutrisystem Program Progress

Week Two & Three: Women’s SUCCESS Select Plan

As a Mom, we normally put ourselves last. I always think I’ll be able to get to what I want later. Sometimes later doesn’t happen however and I’m left burning the candle at both ends so-to-speak. The biggest thing that I’ve found being on Nutrisystem has been how much easier it is to take care of myself now. And that stems on finally eating better.

With the above philosophy I often had to skip meals. And with that came less energy to prep foods when I could or I’d choose sugary caffeinated motivation for an instant fix. I was finding less and less energy to do anything during the day. And my sleep patterns were even more atrocious. So for the first time in two years; I’m not plagued with brain fog all day and can actually sleep at night when I go to bed.

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Week One: Women’s SUCCESS Select Plan

So I’m really excited about continuing on the Women’s SUCCESS Select Plan that I’m on. Just as I was healing up from illness and injury this month, I was patching up my own mindset to view things in a more healthy way. I simply learned so much to apply towards my own nutrition and eating habits but also to begin teaching my kids. So by taking care of myself, I’m taking even better care of them. And that is a total win in my playbook.

Roasted Beanz: Nutrisystem

Want to join me on a new road to health and weight loss using Nutrisystem? Then join today by calling {1.888.853.4689} or by visiting {}. Good luck…and make sure to stop back to let me know how your doing!

Disclosure: This weight loss program has been sponsored by the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. As a participant, Nutrisystem has provided a complimentary weight loss plan for my honest review. Please note that the opinions, thoughts, and experience are my own. Thank you.



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