An Update And Forecast Of Fun Things To Come!

© John Keats quote
So what does a person write when they are inundated with sleep deprivation, antibiotics and the stress of an impending move? Not much it seems. What a month! {Actually, I should say what a month and a half.} Sorry to be absent these past few weeks. It seems our family wasn’t immune to a nasty winter virus going around.

Back issues, health issues, and the kids {of course} got sick as well. Plus my Husband added a nice cherry to our February stress-sundae by leaving on multiple business trips. Not that it was his fault but mercy, I can certainly give it another 4-5 years before feeling that pitiful again. Nothing makes a person want to get healthier then being sick. And goodness…was I ever.

And what is on the horizon you ask? Well, I have a great round-up of posts headed your way. Nuby USA has come out with new bath toys I can’t wait to share. Just wait till you hear about using magnesium infused bath salts, lotion, or oils to improve your health with the brand, Ancient Minerals. You’ll also see how great Yonanas banana ice cream maker will change your view of whats for dessert {and breakfast}. I’ve also got some neat things to share about a new Zagat study on coffeehouses; Tyson chicken nugget promotions; and more!

And you know what else? You’ll be seeing some {awesome} new changes on the website as I complete a whole new look for Roasted Beanz! I’m pretty pumped up and excited to get started. But you may have to forgive a few days of growing pains as I change everything over in stages. Thanks for hanging in there with me…hope you’ll enjoy what’s brewing up next!


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