Minted: Welcoming The New Year With New Traditions

This holiday tradition post has been brought to you by Minted. As always my thoughts, opinions, and New Year enthusiasm are my own. Thank you!

Roasted Beanz: New Year Holiday Cards By Minted

I love the holidays. Yet every year I am too immersed in the glory of Autumn to think of how soon Christmas will be coming. I always waited too long to get pictures of the kids or missed the cute holiday stamps at the post office. Something was always amiss as I managed to barely even get our cards mailed before Santa comes to town.

And then this year it has dawned on me brighter then the Times Square ball dropping at midnight. I’m embracing my inner New Years Eve geek and starting a new tradition. To usher in the New Year with cards that will highlight what we hope for…a brilliant 2014. And I found just the company to do that with Minted‘s holiday and New Year cards.

Roasted Beanz: New Year Holiday Cards By Minted

I have always been fascinated by great stationary, cards and paper goods. Not only that but I love how they cultivate new designs from independent artists. They always have something new and fresh to choose from. And with the added benefit of the Minted Address Assistant, my holiday card order will even include all my addressed envelopes at no charge.

All in all, this could be the best thing since we started doing since leaving spiked eggnog for Santa. Now I get to revel in the holiday season as well as do more with New Year celebrations I so look forward to. And when all the other Christmas cards are tossed with the Christmas tree; I can giggle that mine will be a fresh wave often promoted to the fridge display status.

Roasted Beanz: New Year Holiday Cards By Minted

And with that, I can go back to spending all my time learning how to tie the perfect bow on our gifts. Well that, and how to help my daughter craft the odd do-it-yourself eraser stamp Christmas tree cards. I mean, even a 5-year-old knows you need a little something to go with those odd year end tips and gifts sent to teachers, friends, and our favorite delivery folk. But that gives us a fun craft and the last bit of little sparkle our holiday needs. What about you? Do you still send out holiday cards to family and friends?

Make sure to check out the Minted website {} for great new designs for every occasion your social schedule needs. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Cheers! 

Roasted Beanz: New Year Holiday Cards By Minted

Disclosure: This sponsored post has been brought to you by Minted. It has been compensated in product that I may know the quality that I recommend. As always, I strive for authentic posts that relate to my readers as much as they do my household. Enjoy…and thanks for helping me with one of my new years resolutions! #NewYearCards #Sp

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