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At the beginning of this summer, I challenged myself to find the best wireless unlimited plans. Not only that – but I was eager to test the lowest price rate plan I found as well. And that meant signing up for a $40 unlimited talk, text, and web {non-contract} monthly plan with Walmart Family Mobile. And I was so happy with comparing the results to my contracted plan, that I’m ready to complete the transfer over.

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Both initially and to this day, I’m thrilled that I’m only paying $40 a month for something that directly compares to another {contract} plan costing me $180. For the trial run, I’ve used a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. A great device, I’ve really enjoyed utilizing its android technology for my business. And with a few months of experience on the T-Mobile network, I’ll finally be switching things up to save even more money.

For starters, I’ll be changing my primary line to just the unlimited talk/text for an even cheaper wireless plan of only $30 a month. To put that in perspective, my contract plan data package is $30 alone – per phone. Once that is changed, I’ll be adding on additional lines that will be covered on the $40 unlimited talk/text/web plan that I’m familiar with. What is also amazing – is that each additional line I add – gets $5 cheaper! Meaning for what I’m currently paying for two lines – I could carry SIX lines on the Walmart Family Mobile. I don’t know about you…but I like how those apples are lining up.

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Plus, if you’re like me, you need to know about the service area. As with any service provider, make sure to check out the T-Mobile coverage area on the Walmart Family Mobile website. I live near a metro area and only noticed 2G service when I traveled in areas known for less cell towers. Even then, utilizing free wifi made that a non-issue. I didn’t even need to buy the speed-boost package. I knew I’d like it…just didn’t realize how much I’d love it!

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So why did I wait this long to save so much money? Well originally, I thought it was going to be too expensive to cancel my contract plan. Its September 2013, and my contract plan doesn’t expire until February 2014. Plus I’d need to buy new phones right? WRONG! I didn’t even realize until recently that I can cancel my existing plan for $145 per line, and then UNLOCK my smartphone for another carrier! The cost of buying a new phone for the new plan was what had held me back before.

With that knowledge, I’m headed in-store to Walmart to set everything up this week. I’m interested in learning more about how the cell phone number will be “ported” from the existing plan. As well as just how easy {and quick} the request to unlock my smartphone will be from its current provider. Hopefully, I won’t have any downtime when transferring everything over like this. Regardless, the money I’ll be saving makes me eager to give it a go again!

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Make sure to check back on October 23rd {2013} to see how it all comes together in the end. You can also find out more on acquiring your own Walmart Family Mobile plan by visiting,, or by going to your local Walmart wireless center in-store as well. See you next month!

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