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This is a sponsored post. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you. 

So much has happened since the last time I wrote! For starters, I got pretty sick. Apparently, some bug decided it would bite me all up and that combined with being inundated with allergies my system simply was overrun. So I was very happy to see that despite being pretty immobile for a week, I still lost a half a pound on Nutrisystem this week.

And I was super thankful that during this time, I had convenient, easily managed meals. Another aspect that is spurring constant motivation? A certain picture I have placed on my fridge. Now most {I hear} will put a picture of themselves at their highest weight. I don’t find that very motivating because I will always love, accept, or excuse myself at any weight.

My picture however, is a picture of the scale at my first starting weigh-in. Because I will never want to see THIS number on the scale again.

Roasted Beanz: Nutrisystem

And that is due to the fact that its a weight that bad things happen to me. Its the weight that I topped out at my pregnancies. The ones that didn’t give me that pretty preggo belly until the end. And its the weight that I notice sleeping is more difficult. Its the number on a scale that indicates everything aches for a REAL reason; When my body physically knows, its downhill from here.

So yes. After my life experiences, I will not fret at myself anymore on what I may look like or how skinny my size actually is. But I do fret at that number. And it is what I can hold myself accountable against. It is what I can officially hate that I once owned.

And that is also how Nutrisystem was the perfect choice for me. It has allowed me to not just learn about the best way for me to lose weight. But realize the responsibility that comes with eating well. About having prepared my meals at least in menu form so I don’t fall victim to eating without reason. How much better do you feel when your house is all clean and organized? Well, you’re body is the same way.

Except I have taken the most important aspect of my days and rushed through it or put it off entirely. I swear there are days that I can’t sit down  for five seconds, without the kids pulling me this way and that. I love to enjoy life; I love food and to celebrate it. But I’ve finally lost the ignorance of thinking that life will take care of me while I’m taking care of others.

And a certain picture on my fridge, reminds me of that everyday.

Roasted Beanz: Nutrisystem

Want to join me on a new road to health and weight loss using Nutrisystem? Then join today by calling {1.888.853.4689} or by visiting {}. Good luck…and make sure to stop back to let me know how your doing!

Disclosure: This weight loss program has been sponsored by the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. As a participant, Nutrisystem has provided a complimentary weight loss plan for my honest review. Please note that the opinions, thoughts, and experience are my own. Thank you.

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