Nutrisystem: Ten Pounds Lost! #NSnation #spon

This is a sponsored post. As always my thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you. 

Two sacks of flour. After starting my second month {and fifth week} using Nutrisystem to get healthier and lose weight; I have lost 10 pounds! Which coincidentally, is the average weight of TWO sacks of flour. And what better way is there then hefting up two sacks of flour to realize the actual weight of your success?

Roasted Beanz: Nutrisystem

Because its hard to lose weight, and its even harder to lose weight the way you SHOULD do it.  One step at a time, giving time to correct the bad habits that brought you the extra weight in the first place. And in doing so, I’m learning how not to fall off the health-wagon again.

And that is what I’m really loving about using Nurtrisystem. I’m learning something new everyday to improve my health, lifestyle, and mindset. Need to eat more at lunch and less at dinner? No problem, just flip things around for the day! And I love indulging in a hot cup of coffee and a dessert item, such as the Cheesecake Dessert Bar.

footprint in flour
Photo: Flikr Creative Commons: recoverling #2504906636

Having great {& tasty} foods keeps me eagerly testing out which nutritional puzzle piece I need for my body to work properly. So whether its a new low calorie recipe or how to best balance my body’s needs to my menu plan. Nutrisystem is teaching me that every step you take sprinkles off a little more flour. And that makes each step just as important as what it adds up to in the end.

Roasted Beanz: Nutrisystem

Want to join me on a new road to health and weight loss using Nutrisystem? Then join today by calling {1.888.853.4689} or by visiting {}. Good luck…and make sure to stop back to let me know how your doing!

Disclosure: This weight loss program has been sponsored by the Nutrisystem Nation blogger program. As a participant, Nutrisystem has provided a complimentary weight loss plan for my honest review. Please note that the opinions, thoughts, and experience are my own. Thank you.

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