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Back in the day, I had all the time in the world to clip coupons and save extra money. Both before kids and with only one baby, I had time to cultivate, clip, and carry my big binder on grocery trips. When I became a stay-at-home parent, it was {and still is} my job to essentially “save” what I would otherwise be earning. Since 2008, my constant goal is to double the impact of our income using coupons, deals, and sales promotions. And I got really good at it.

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I’d know when store deliveries would be coming in, so I could shop with the most selection. I’d order online and have items shipped to store. I’d check out blogs, shopping ads, and online services to match up weekly sale savings with coupons. I’d also keep an eye out for online discount codes, free samples, and price match systems to shop at locations that would accept competitor product values. All this is worked, and since I could afford the time, it was worth it.

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But after having a second baby, the extra time {and sleep} I had organized my saving with, became scarce. Sure when given the chance, I can clip a few essentials – but nothing near the volume I had showcased before. I needed a smarter, faster, and easier way to easily save money while shopping. Familiar with reward systems, I knew I needed something digital. And that is when I found Meijer MPerks.

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Living in the the Midwest, Meijer is our awesome go-to grocer for all our household needs. From stocking our pantry to finding another wiper blade, we are able to find a great selection of items to choose from. They offer great weekly and clearance sales on both big-name and personal-brand items. Meijer also offers an additional savings program called “MPerks“. Utilizing a digital coupon format, Meijer enables the shopper to save via desktop and mobile. With a simple 3-step sign up process, you can start saving right away.

Roasted Beanz: mPerks Welcome

So how did this help me? Well for starters, I didn’t have to go shopping alone anymore. Now I can bring the kids for a quick trip out without the hassle of managing a big binder and a multitude of clipped coupons. That is because the MPerks system will place all my potential savings electronically to my MPerks account. {And by the way, MPerks works both in the main store and its gas stations. Yes, I’ve saved on gas too!}

IMG_3549To activate your savings at purchase:

  • Simply click on the MPerks logo
  • Input the phone number associated with your account
  • Confirm your personal pin

And your savings will calculate automatically at check out. The best part, was knowing that I didn’t have to stress about saving anymore. I always match up coupons with sales. Now I knew I could save money with every shopping trip, adding in additional manufacturer coupons when possible.   Note: This system will also work using your home phone number. Just remember to request the option to activate your account by phone instead of by text.  

© Meijer Shopping Adventure

For instance, on a recent trip to Meijer I took my daughter and we had a grand time. We got our girly chat on and bonded over Purple Cow ice cream from the To-Go Deli and new tulle tutu skirts in the Girls department. We cruised up and down the aisles, grabbing everything we needed {and then some} before stopping by the lobster tank and checking out the new fish in the aquariums. I simply had so much fun with her. And I also had the peace of mind that my savings were already waiting for me when I checked out.

© Purple Cow Cotton Candy Ice Cream

That shopping trip alone – using only Meijer MPerks and weekly sales promotions, I saved a total of $42.64 on 58 items. What made it even more grand, was that the more you use MPerks, the more they are known to reward you! Just as the paper receipt coupons will be customized to your purchases so do the MPerks coupons offers. During a special 2-day sale, I also digitally clipped two new coupons for an additional 5% off all my groceries and 15% off general merchandise items.

© Meijer Mperks savingsThe breakdown was as follows:

  • MPerks Savings: $14.70
  • Meijer Brand Promotion: $5.00
  • Weekly Sale Savings: $22.94

Knowing about the additional savings for this 2-day sale, we made sure to restock our pantry with our favorite foods. And actually, Meijer has an incredible store-brand line that includes an “Organics” and “Naturals” selection. I have to admit, I’ve honestly driven an hour to shop at our previous Meijer store to stock up on the Meijer brand Organic Creamy Peanut Butter. Thankfully, they’ve stocked our favorites much closer to home since then. But needless to say, it was on our list of must-haves for this latest trip.

Corporate - Company - Our Brands -

And must-have for good reason. Since my children are 4 and 1, we’re square in the nibble and picky stage for meal-time menu’s. So if we must eat peanut butter and jelly regularly,  then I demand high quality ingredients. We’ll often pair up our sandwiches with a all-natural veggie chip and the Meijer brand M-Blenders 100% juice. Offering up a full cup fruits and veggies with every 8 oz serving, my kids can be as picky as they want now.

© Organic Meijer favorites

But just because I have to serve up a traditional Pb&J doesn’t mean that I can’t glam it up. One of my absolute favorite lunch time treats is a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just like crafting a traditional grilled cheese, we lightly butter the bread and serve our sandwich warm. What I’ve actually found, is that its made this favorite sandwich healthier. Once heated, the peanut butter and jelly will melt, so I use 1/2 the normal amount I would for a cold sandwich. Heated over a medium setting, you’re just waiting for it to warm, so you’ll be eating a golden, gooey masterpiece in no time.

© Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Meijer isn’t only for the Midwest! Make sure to check out at {} for great online sales too. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter as well. And don’t forget to register for your digital savings account with Meijer MPerks!

For more information on Collective Bias, please click the link found here or on the sponsored post disclosure below. Thank you.

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    Wish we had one of these stores, the veggies look great! I did do well at my store also this week, with the store savings, my coupons ect. $183. before and after spent $62, lots of meat & household items so I was happy too :)

  2. says

    I know what you mean about being great at coupons and sales, I seem to have lost all my abilities and know how after I had my 3rd child and now with a 4th, I feel like I just can’t be a deal hunter anymore. I wish I had one of those stores near me, it sounds like it would help me too!

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