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This  {scrumptous} post has been brought to you by Ecce Panis gourmet breads via Collective Bias. As always, my opinions – thoughts – and drooling enthusiasm are my own. 

Hello…my name is Rachel and I am addicted to carbs and coffee. {LOL} Well, I think you figured out the coffee part by now, but let me enlighten you on another love of mine…artisan bread loaves. And one in particular that I’d love to share here, are the Ecce Panis gourmet artisan  breads. Why do I love them so much? Oh doll, let me grab the butter while you pull up a chair.

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Besides the obvious lush bready goodness, they are also stocked at Walmart {aka budget friendly}. Additionally, the “Bake at Home” varieties also offer me a great shelf life for holiday recipes. And in terms of the holidays {such as Easter} or special events {Mother’s Day}, the earlier I can shop the better. So having a artisan bread that I can get a week ahead of time? Genius.

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Most of you know {and shop} the sales that are often highlighted before a holiday weekend. I’m no different, but now I can get all my holiday breads before the shoppers rush too. Stored in my freezer, I just thaw the day before its needed, then bake it for 8-10 minutes and its table {or recipe} ready. Granted, you could freeze any bread. But not all bread has been pre-baked and essentially made for freezing. And certainly does not feature the Ecce Panis difference.

Latin for ‘behold the bread’, Ecce Panis {pronounced etch-ay pan-is} breads are made to be as distinctive as their name. Each loaf is hand crafted and baked on unique stones for a perfect golden crust.

And if that doesn’t tell you enough, then by all means, let me show you how scrumptious these will make our Mother’s Day. Because when it comes to keeping this Momma happy, the easier is better! For instance not a fan of Ham, which is very common to see at Easter or Mother’s Day for us. But I can’t expect family dinners to cater to one person if we go visiting  So I make sure we arrange for a sweet fruity breakfast and bring a vegetarian “appetizer”.

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That sounds so lovely doesn’t it? In reality, my kids and I are simply more picky then a blackberry bush in August. So first up, we indulge ourselves with a wonderful {and fruity} breakfast. Baked up, the Ecce Panis Neo-Tuscan Boule bread gives a warm welcome to our Easter morning.

Its light, spongy middle pairs so perfectly with fresh fruit and dollops of strawberry cream cheese dip.  Think you like bagels? Then THIS is going to rock your world. The round mini loaf is sliced both horizontally for the dip but also cored in the middle to store the fruit.

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After breakfast, we bring along a simple {and easy} mini caprice sandwiches to share. Arranged on the Ecce Panis French Dinner Roll, they can be assembled the night before. I also wrap them in a pan-liner which provides a dual sided combination of parchment and foil. This keeps them great for serving cold or prepped for warming in the oven.

And not just for vegetarians, anyone can add the dinner meat to it and enjoy it as well. {These are the perfect size for kids too!} In fact, a great tip is to use the canned seasoned tomatoes for these mini delights. Paired with a pesto, buffalo mozzarella, and baby spinach – everyone will love this healthy option.

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Ready to take your own Ecce Panis artisan bread home? Then head over to Walmart today and you’ll find great options such as:

  • Harvest Grain Loaf
  • European Baguette
  • Bake at Home French Dinner Rolls
  • Bake at Home French Demi Baguettes
  • Bake at Home Neo-Tuscan Boule
  • Bake at Home Ciabatta

What do you think? Ready to start baking your own bread? I’ve included a recipe for our favorite breakfast below for you to try. Personally, I love finding new Ecce Panis varieties to experiment with in the kitchen. Ready to go shopping? Then make sure to grab this great Ecce panis coupon for saving even more on your next shopping trip.

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