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So, you may have realized that I love coffee. And my favorite coffee, is iced coffee. Having two little ones, I’ve found that at least with iced coffee I don’t ever have to worry about paying for something that I can’t enjoy. Hot coffee? See, that is another story. And as any coffee fanatic will do, I often frequent my local coffeehouse for a quick, easy caffeinated fix.

Now, despite living only two miles from my favorite smiling Barista, I’m always looking for an iced coffee that I can drink {and make} at home. And with recently starting a new healthy eating plan, I’m also more attentive to nutritional values. Things like reduced calories and keeping to a low-sugar coffee drink are much more important. Which makes finding the new {and improved} International Delight Light  Iced Coffee such a treat.

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Having found out the new International Delight “light” iced coffee version had hit the dairy aisle over at Walmart, I scooted over and made sure to grab it. I also picked up a another of my coffeehouse favorites {maple syrup} to mix in for the base of my own at-home coffeehouse drink. I absolutely LOVE the complexity that adding maple syrup will do to things. And even for hot coffee, mixing in a bit of maple syrup instead of sugar is divine.


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And are you ready for this? Because when you blend {or shake} the International Delight Light Vanilla Iced Coffee with Maple syrup it creates the most fantastic base drink. And I mention the term “base” because from there you can add a ton of other yummy ingredients. I decided to combine my Vanilla Maple Iced Coffee base drink with a spicy Chai Tea Latte mix and the results were amazing. We’re talking TRUE coffeehouse quality here. And get this – it not only fits my budget but I’m still on track for fitting into my skinny jeans!


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While I found that the original International Delight Iced Coffee needs a touch of milk when blended, that isn’t the case when mixing this “Light” version. So what makes this “light” version my favorite, is that I can just pop all these ingredients in my stainless steel shaker. This makes the process even faster {and easier} to mix my new at-home coffeehouse favorite without watering it down with ice from a blender. But a blender works great too, and would be a preferred method if you were using peanut butter with this.


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Ready to start mixing your own International Delight Iced Coffee creation? Then make sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook. You can also find out more about the new Light versions on this special Facebook tab too. Or by signing up to the International Delight Community for additional deals, updates, coupons and more.

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