Walgreens: Ology Eco-Products #Review

Walgreens Ology Products

I have found a new product that I simply HAD to share with you! Walgreens has finally brought together my love for convenience with my love of eco-friendly products. If you haven’t already been swooping these new products off the shelves already, then let me introduce you to Ology. A great new line that is great for the environment AND our budgets!

What impresses me the most about this line, is that its finally affordable to go “green”. Endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World, is a line of products that proudly boasts “No Harmful Chemicals”. And what a line of products they offer! You’ll find a wide range of things from household cleaners, laundry detergent, baby and adult bath products, lotions, CFL light-bulbs, and paper products.


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I tell you I couldn’t wait to check out my local Walgreens! Thankfully, there was an endcap that helped list all the available products. Still new, my local store hadn’t even been able to get it all but I still found a wide range of products to get giddy over. After about an hour {seriously, I simply had to check out every last Ology label offered} I narrowed my purchase down to the following:

And do you want to know the best part? Walgreens was offering a great sale promotion and I got everything for less then $15! I’ve always felt guilty about the necessity of using some paper products in our home. So the fact that Ology offers TREE-FREE paper products just tickled me pink. And I was super psyched about trying out a CFL bulb that was covered for once.


Roasted Beanz: Walgreens Ology Products


Now, all in all, these products were really nice. When going tree-free on paper products, I don’t expect 5-ply and quilting to rival your Granny’s hand-stitched blankets. The paper towels were sturdy, and I didn’t feel the need to use more then one sheet to clean up normal spills. The {bath} tissue paper {aka TP} as well was a septic safe two-ply with a competitive ridging. The facial tissue held up from a study use and didn’t rub our noses raw. These may not have been “over-the-top” soft, but I was soundly impressed that they worked so well. And I mean that by the fact that they are all TREE-FREE.

I honestly kept wondering if this sound quality is possible using such a renewable source such as sugarcane husk and bamboo, why aren’t more companies offering it? And something else that I have been waiting to see more of, are CFL bulbs that are covered. So I can readily admit I couldn’t wait to try out our new Ology CFL covered light-bulb first.

The majority of our lighting are floor lamps. I did notice that the narrow upward bowl didn’t agree with the base shape of this covered bulb design. However, the Ology bulb did fit all the other standard sockets we popped it into. In the end, our laundry area is shining much brighter with its Ology covered CFL bulb now. And what I love most about it? The soft white and covered option is perfect for the room while keeping it eco-friendly to boot!

I’ll be heading back to see if my local store is stocking more Ology products too. I can’t wait to try out the adult Shampoo & Conditioner as well as the copy-paper. Make sure to check out Walgreens for more Ology eco-friendly products. You can also find Ology on Twitter and Facebook too!



Roasted Disclosure: I participated in this review on behalf of Ology products. I received a promotional gift card to purchase the above products for completion of this honest review. As always, all my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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