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Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings


The year has begun again. I’m glad that Mother Nature finds snow enough of a blanket for herself, but I need a much warmer kind of comfort. Huddled in our cozy home, Michigan is quite cold this time of year. Even with a long row of Evergreen trees to buffer us from the worst, the wind often howls its way along our windows. Regardless, my mind is filled with great aspirations and goals I’d love to complete. My biggest new years  resolution is to re-function our daily routine for easier time-management.

In this type of weather, we only venture out when we need to. I even have groceries delivered to avoid unnecessary outings. However, this past weekend we drove to Walmart to stock the pantry. Things we needed? Basics for soups, stews, and sandwiches. With the nights arriving so much earlier, I need dinners that are quick, hearty, and easy to prepare. Another thing that makes for a smooth day is an easy pre-made breakfast. So we always make sure to start our shopping excursions with a walk through the bakery at Walmart.


Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings


Visiting this time, I was quick to notice that Starbucks was being highlighted among the wooden shelving. Located directly beneath this iconic logo was a very simple description. “Delicious Pairings“. Mmmm…delicious pairings indeed! My eyes took in all the Roasts highlighted here but I wondered if there would be more choices stocked in the aisle. I made a mental note to look for my favorite in the coffee section, and was quickly distracted by rows of baked goods.

Now I had actually hoped to get Gingerbread Cookies again {the kids love them}.  But they’re undoubtedly a favorite and were not to be found. It didn’t take long before we found an incredible substitute however. Actually it was our noses that located the cream cheese frosted Cinnamon Rolls first. These rolled delicacies are spiced perfection alone, but adding the piped swirl of cream cheese frosting atop makes it a feast for the eyes as well.


Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #Delicious Parirings


I took hold of a four-pack of cinnamon rolls and continued on to explore the aisles. The coffee section was among the first we explored. I found the Starbucks Holiday Blend still lined up neatly for sale and did a little happy dance. Soon after we finished our shopping list, checked out and headed home.

Now, I don’t know about you. But I love iced coffee. Because despite the winter chill outside, its still quite warm in the kitchen. Plus, I’m all about fast, easy, and strong coffee. So my mainstay for keeping my mornings on schedule this year will be cold-brewing my Starbucks coffee. I often frequent my local Starbucks store, and love a wide variety of roasts, blends, and instant coffee offered. When not frequenting the drive-thru, I love creating my own “house” favorites.


Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings


Here’s my very simple cold-brewing method above…and really, it doesn’t get much simpler then that does it? Most recipes I’ve seen, combine a one pound bag of coffee with one gallon water. At which point, its placed for 12+ hours in the fridge. I use a fine mesh strainer to sift out the grounds, a cheesecloth would work nicely too.


Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings PourCollage


Ideally, cold-brewing works best with a course grind for better straining afterwards. But any ground coffee will produce the same result. An amazingly smooth, less-acidic iced delight! Stir in milk, cream or simple syrup to sweeten {I make my own} and your suddenly your own kitchen Barista!

This method of brewing coffee is used to make a concentrated coffee base to later add in your simple syrup and/or milk. Others {like myself} just make it fresh each day in smaller batches. Well, if you can call a 64oz cup of coffee a smaller batch. Once strained, pour 1/2 a glass of coffee concentrate to start. From there its really about adjusting to your personal taste.


Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings


What I also love most about cold-brewing is that the resulting iced coffee takes your taste buds for a ride! Especially using my Starbucks Holiday Blend! You’ll find you can finally taste a whole new side of those underlying notes roasted in your favorite brew.  And just like a french press, you can expect a little silt in your glass – but I just chalk that up to added ambiance.

I have to admit, I look forward to buying the Starbucks Holiday Blend each season until its no longer on the shelves. This amazing full-bodied coffee was made to compliment your food. Brewed hot or cold, you can’t help but taste the notes of ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and cloves. I swear its like the coffee just sinks into your taste buds. Brewed cold, it really lets the clove notes pop too! I think its the only coffee I know of that tastes so good I drool after each sip!

 Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings

Once the coffee is mixed, its onto those amazing cinnamon rolls! And what an incredible combination the Starbucks Holiday Blend and cream cheese frosted Cinnamon Rolls make! Soft and chewy, Walmart makes sure to bake up a cinnamon roll that keeps you coming back for more. I normally skim off some of the frosting for a more balanced sweet and spice taste. But the kids absolutely adore them just as they come. Don’t the let four-pack fool you either. One roll easily feeds both kids when paired up with some fresh fruit and milk.

Roasted Beanz: Starbucks #DeliciousPairings

All in all, this delicious pairing has proven itself a staple in our home. Want to know more about the Starbucks and Walmart and the different ways to create your own? Then check out the links listed below for even more great ideas on how to create your own delicious pairings!

Starbucks on Twitter & Facebook

Walmart on Twitter & Facebook

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, shut the door! I had no idea it was so simple to make my own iced coffee at home (banging head on desk). Thanks for the wonderful tip. PS the cinnamon rolls look yum!

    • says

      I had a similar reaction when I discovered this too! Save finding the right strainer, its been smooth sailing. {And a happily caffeinated Momma.} So glad I could share, you’re going to love it!

  2. says

    I think I love you.

    Well, almost.

    I loved you until you evilly showed me that crazy close-up of the cinnamon roll, and then I hated you for not sharing. Because OMFG that close-up is EVIL and WRONG and I love it so much, and I just want to swirl my finger in the icing.

  3. says

    This cold brewing concept is new to me. How would I do it to make two cups to try it out? Just use the same amount of coffee that I would if I were brewing it traditionally?

    Those cinnamon rolls look delicious, I wish I had a scratch & sniff screen. At least then I could pretend to share your delicious treats!

    • says

      That is doable! Just use the recommended amount. Watch your serving size though, some say that is as small as 6oz. The general rule of thumb is one pkg of coffee to one gallon of water. So since Starbucks actually sells 10oz pkg of the Holiday Blend, my 64oz batch calls for 5oz of coffee grounds. I’ve used another brand however that is sold in 11oz pkg…thereby the math and ounces used would reflect that. Of course, the best part is that its to your taste. I normally get my Starbucks coffee in bulk pkging – so if I know I don’t have 12 hours I’ll pop another 1-2 Tbsp in. That is why I love it!

  4. Jackie Watson says

    The only coffee we make at my home is cold brewed! We use a Toddy Coffee maker to brew our concentrate. It really cuts down on the acid when cold brewed. Just google Toddy coffee maker if interested in this method.

  5. says

    I’m a coffee fanatic, but I’ve never heard of cold brewing! I am definitely going to try this. I love iced-coffee. I love any coffee, really. Strong is definitely preferred though, and I love that Starbucks has some great strong coffee. I just used my gift card from Christmas to get a pound of their Italian roast. It’s one of my favorites.

  6. says

    Unfortunately, my Wal-Mart doesn’t have this section. :( But I did pair my Cream Cheese Brownies with the Caffe Verona dark roast and it was DELICIOUS.

  7. dawn d says

    Looks absolutely amazing!!! Thank you <3 I love reading your blog also, you are amazing!!!
    You inspire!

    <3 Dawn Marie!

  8. says

    I am not a fan of hot coffee, but many tell me I may still like iced coffee. Knowing what I do after reading your post, I may have give it a try! And that cinnamon roll is just….*drools*

    • says

      You may. I know I’m quite the coffee snob so I love when a coffee that I adore offers up a added complexity when chilled. Cold-brewing offers a coffee that is smooth and a lot less acidic. If its the temperature you don’t like then it probably won’t matter. However if its that acid level that turns you off, then it may be the only way that you would prefer it. 😀

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