Holiday: National Handwriting Day

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On January 23rd, its a great day to break out your notes and thinking-of-you cards. Because not ONLY is it John Hancock’s birthday but its also considered National Handwriting Day! {Don’t think that one was a co-inky-dink.} Regardless, one thing my Momma always stressed to me growing up was having great handwriting. Oddly enough, our penmanship is nearly identical.

It doesn’t mean I don’t stray in style however…as I can write with both right and left hands. Even my mood can determine how big I loop or how far I slant. I don’t find that odd…I really consider it art. So naturally, I’ve always been intrigued by handwriting analysis. Finding a directional DIY analysis post online, I took a quick instagram of my most recent brainstorming list {above} to compare it to some “expert” examples.

Here’s what I found out about me…
  • No Slant. Meaning: Logical & practical. Can be guarded with ones emotions.
  • Average Size. Meaning: Well-adjusted & adaptable. {Sounds like Mary Poppins would approve.}
  • L: Meaning: Closed = stressed; Open = spontaneous or relaxed. I appear to be giving my blood pressure a conniption fit.
  • E: Meaning: An open “e” describes me as open minded.
  • S: Meaning: Oh…its suggesting I’m a total people-pleaser for having a nice round “s”.

So all in all it was pretty spot on. And I did realize that when it does differ, its merely an emotional outlet. Which considering its declared me “guarded” is a good thing I guess. I’m just wearing my heart on my sleeve…or rather, wearing my heart on my page.

How about you? Have you ever gotten your handwriting analysed?



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