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I love a great deal. And when I got the chance to become a “Stay-At-Home-Mom“, it was with one BIG understanding. That I’d need to learn to “save” the money that I would have otherwise “earned” working a conventional job. So I quickly became immersed in the world of coupons, online shopping, discount codes, reward programs, and every other means of becoming a savvy shopper.


© Winter Fashion at #CookiesKids

One really great way to save money, is to buy clothes on the sale rack. Since I have two kids that make it nearly impossible to shop in-store, I often shop online. And the first section I search at any store website, is the Clearance section. Now the best clearance sales I’ve found, are always held between or after a season. This is normally when stores need to make room for the incoming fashion lines. Still, I’m pretty picky about what I’ll buy online. Personally, I look for these things:

  • FREE or low shipping rates
  • Trusted and secure purchasing site
  • Stocks both of my childrens sizes
  • Quality or name-brand kids fashion
  • Great deal ratio

That said, one more thing that will seal that deal for me? Are places that sell kids clothing in SETS. I’m talking whole outfits here people. I want to see pants, tops, and if possible, a jacket/hoodie for one low price. Plus, this also allows me to buy a higher quality outfit in whole, simply due to the fact that the items are still cheaper bought together, then buying them individually.

One such place that I recently found that excels at every target I mentioned above, is Cookie’s Kids. You can see my whole shopping trip over on my Google + profile post {Shopping for Kids Clothing at #CookiesKids} I loved the banner advertising low, flat-rate shipping of only $5.95. Cookie’s Kids often highlights discount codes for free shipping too, so that is an added bonus. And at the bottom of the homepage, I confirmed the website security and 5-star seller rating.


Roasted Beanz: #CookiesKids Clearance Kids Styles


I found a smorgasbord in kids styles from infant age and up. So there weren’t any issues with finding everything that both kids will need. {And on a side note, I’ll even be able to buy my daughters school uniforms here next year!} I also found a great range of complete outfits for all ages. Dividing my overall outfit cost by the number of items included makes my per-item monetary ratio work. The quality clothes are easy to spot and name-brands you ask? I was surfing through tons of options from Baby Phat clothing to Northface backpacks. So Cookie’s Kids really does have it all!

Now, both my kids have sprung up like little dandelions lately {aka nothing fits}. So I really needed to find a couple outfits for each that would be warm yet layered for warmer days. And if you live in the Midwest, you’ll be familiar with our quirky winter tossing out  50° days lately. Otis needed layers and is really starting to develop his own style.

© Cookie's Kids: Toddler Boy Outfits

I may be a bit prejudiced, but I think he’s one handsome Little Man. That said, the outfits above show a few things I looked at while shopping for him at Cookie’s Kids. I ended up purchasing two complete outfits for him. The Kid Zone “Guitar Monster” 3-Piece outfit and this Coney Island “Rock Hero” 2-Piece Outfit below. As you can see, this outfit comes with a nice pair of dark wash jeans and a “hoodie” zipper jacket. And this on Clearance for only $6.99!


Cookies Kids: Toddler Boy Outfit


Isabel meanwhile, is 4-1/2 now and is crossing over from Toddler to Girl sizes. So while she’s excited for these new “older” styles, I want to make sure her outfits stay age-appropriate. There are still so many choices when it comes to shopping for girls! And just like Otis, I had a great time looking at all the different things that I can see her style evolving into.

© Cookie's Kids: Girl Outfits

What stellar deal did I end up purchasing for Isabel you ask? Well, she really needed a warm jumpsuit for the cold. After a short search, I found just what I was looking for. The Diva “Glamour Queen” 3-piece outfit highlights a soft yet thick fleece. And all it cost me to keep her toasty in this bitter cold was only $5.99. Bringing the overall cost per piece to less then $2 a piece.


Roasted Beanz: Winter Fashion at Cookies Kids


And its not just bottom dollar savings that you THINK your getting. What I really liked was also seeing things like this outfit we also purchased. Right there under the item number, you’ll see the price breakdown showing you the total savings offered. I think type of outfit was the perfect bridge to Girls sizes and picked up Isabel two in different colors. Here’s the purple version and it highlights the 78% I saved.


Roasted Beanz: Kids Fashion at #CookiesKids


Something else that I noticed as well, was a small orange icon {called “Alva’s Kids”} by the sizing options. Once clicked, it will toss up a interactive application to help find the right size for your child. I was so impressed. Of course, I failed good ole Alva by not knowing how tall my kids have sprung up recently. But if you input the age, height, and weight of your child it will let you know first hand which is the better size to get. And since we all know how some sizes can run big or small for different brands, this is a very helpful tool to use.

All in all, I’m thrilled to have found a great new place to shop online for the kids. I’ve already found another outfit that I’d love to get for Otis.
And they have a host of great dresses that Belle would love for Easter. Plus, its also great to have found a new go-to place to shop for the kids as they continue to spontaneously spout out of their clothes.


© Kids Style at #CookiesKids

Looking forward to shopping this website too? Then make sure to head over and view the Cookie’s Kids website at {}. Not only online, you can find Cookie’s Kids stores in the NYC area {Bronx, Brooklyn, Jamaica}. And wherever you live, they deliver great coupon codes to your email. And you’ll also find great info as well as on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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