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Roasted Beanz: #MomCave at La-Z-Boy!


Kids change everything. And if you ever ask me, its for the better. But for the first five years or so, that trade-off is pretty steep. Gone is your personal time, personal space, and pretty much every knick-knack that used to be located four feet or lower. Every plug, hole, cupboard and toilet seat will be locked, snapped, or frustratingly secured. And the thought of getting to leisurely read a book without pictures again is a cross between hilarity and a long-lost memory.

While knowing what you volunteered for and realizing it firsthand is a tad different, there really isn’t much I miss from the pre-kid days. However there is one thing that makes me a tad wistful. Great furniture, awesome home decor, and incredible lighting fixtures. Well, that and a quality dining room table.


© roastedbeanz.com: Home Sweet Home #MomCave

My home is functional and organized for a young family. My entertainment center can be filled with crates {of toys} and the coffee table is a narrow oval shape. Even our sofa is kid-proof. Because after experiencing spilled yogurt on a micro-fleece couch we immediately saw the benefit of removable white canvas covers. Now it doesn’t matter if tomato sauce meets a black marker, a little bleach and hot water and we’re looking sharp again. But despite this working quite well, it just seems to lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

So what do I look forward to changing? Well I do like having an oval coffee table. And I absolutely adore my ginormous metal wall-clock. Its always set the tone for any home we’ve ever lived in. But other than that, a few issues I’d love to fix are:

  • #1. For starters, I really – really – REALLY despise our floor lamps. You know those purchases where you tell yourself you just need “something” to bring home right now to easily replace later? Yeah…I’m still waiting for the “easily” and “replace” to happen.
  • #2. Hidden storage! I’d love to have some place for these wildly colored and odd shaped toys to call home.
  • #3. Side table. How awesome would it be to have a side table to hold a lamp, drink and camouflage a randomly placed baby gate?
  • #4-5. Pillows and throw blankets. We are in desperate need for cute, comfy, sofa swag.
  • #6. Sectional Sofa! I’m dreaming of a sectional that has durability, style, and comfort! Add in eco-friendly and I’m sold!


© roastedbeanz.com: #MomCave from LaZboy!


So as you can see, I have some lofty ambitions for a sleep deprived Momma of two. But you can’t get something if you don’t start seeing the solution right? So since I {genuinely} love the La-Z-Boy furniture brand, I hopped over to their website to see what they offer these days. And that is when it hit me. I don’t just want a piece here or there. I want to walk in and just say “I’ll just take the whole sample room“. Talk about an inspirational challenge to improve your home! Not just basic furniture anymore, La-Z-Boy offers up the entire home decorating package. And looking at the latest collections for winter, that is so tantalizingly possible!

Why did I think of La-Z-Boy first? Well the iconic furniture brand was created by two men from Monroe, MI and the business has been centered there ever since. Growing up nearby, local support is ingrained from an early age. Not just for the great products they produce, but also due to the charitable and philanthropic endeavors that La-Z-Boy continues to support. Now celebrating 85 years, they continue to uphold the same integrity to keep comfort, quality, and style in our homes. And they really make sure that there is something for everyone to love! With over 900 different cover options on more then 250 different pieces of furniture, your dream room {or house} is waiting.

La-Z-Boy Pinterest Contest #MomCave


And since I’m more then a bit away from walking in to state my new lofty purchase aspiration, I’m planning on doing the next best thing. I’m going to enter every contest La-Z-Boy offers and hope for the the best! {Can’t win it if I’m not IN it right?} In fact, I’m starting today by entering the “Pin to WIN Pinterest contest! You can even see my overly enthusiastic pin-board submission right here, “My Dream #MomCave w/La-Z-Boy Furniture“. But honestly, all you need to do is pin 5 items from the La-Z-Boy site adding the “#MomCave” hastag in the description. {The contest runs from January 28th – February 11, 2013.} Just pin your items, enter to win, and your all set! In fact, here are a few items that I pinned below.

Roasted Beanz: La-Z-Boy Pin to WIn Contest For now, I’ll just go back to ogling the new La-Z-Boy furniture collections. Who knows, maybe I’ll even win the $5000 #MomCave Pinterest contest? If you enter and win, make sure to come back and tell me. And I want pictures too! Make sure you look up La-Z-Boy on Facebook and Twitter too for the latest sweepstakes info. Plus, then we can both be FANatics to enter all those great La-Z-Boy sweepstakes together. Good luck!!!

For more information on La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries or Collective Bias Social Fabric Community click the link provided.





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    I’m with you – the La-Z-Boy inspiration rooms are simply gorgeous! I do have difficulties in determining all the pieces I need to create a cohesive look and very much appreciate being able to view a full room set up, whether online or in the store. You found some fabulous pieces to add to your space! It will look wonderful :)

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