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Welcome to the LUCKY ’13 New Years Giveaway Hop!

Get ready to bring in the New Year with Roasted Beanz, an incredible bunch of Bloggers, and a great event by BloggerPR! Each of our participating blogger found in the Linky below is giving away a prize valued at $20 or more.  This giveaway event will run from December 29th until January 12th. So that gives you plenty of time to make like the Big Apple Ball and shimmy down the Linky below.

For me, I love New Years resolutions. Even if I don’t manage to fulfill them they are always an inspiring way to start a New Years Day. So remember to keep it simple! Whether your an “Apple A Day” or an “Early to Bed/Early to Rise” person; it takes 14 days to start {or break} a habit. I figure that the “Best Laid Plans” are always better to have then no plan at all.

My resolution is to get healthier next year. Best way to do that is to eat more fruits and veggies, so I’m sharing a great gift card for catering to all your New Year needs!


Enter to WIN!

A $20 Meijer Gift Card

{Valid both in-store and online.}



  Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Roasted Disclosure: Association with Mama NYC, BloggerPR and any/all members listed within this post {and applicable linky} have been for giveaway hop rules/regulations only. It must be noted that Blogger PR and the Lucky ’13 New Years Giveaway Hop bloggers are not responsible for any applicable sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes. In closing, please know that all my opinions, excitement, and overall enthusiasm within this post are my own. Thank you.

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  1. Jennifer Rote says

    Simple easy ones…if any at all. This year I\’m thinking… just be more active. Which won\’t be hard. lol

  2. Maureen says

    I do not necessarily make resolutions but I try to be a better person than I was the year before. I try to help others and still take care of myself.

  3. Rhonda C says

    usually don’t set myself to fail with a resolution. i keep it simple. Strive to be a better person year after year.

  4. debbie penny says

    I make different ones. Like last year, I vowed to stop wasting food. I worked really hard the whole year to do it, and I noticed a huge difference in my grocery bill.

  5. Nicholas Walls says

    I hope I win this Meijer\’s $20 Gift Card!! I would buy some Pop and Candy, and other Groceries I for a snack!!

  6. Allison L. (Allie Lanc on FB) says

    I normally don\’t make resolutions, but I would like to lose weight. I\’ve wanted that for over 10 years. Too bad it\’s extremely hard work and a lifestyle change not just an overnight type of thing!

  7. Haylee says

    I make ones that I always break. haha no, I usually make ones involving things I need to get done, like graduate from college and do more exercise. :)

  8. Tiffany says

    I don\’t usually make them but this year I am thinking about making some. I haven\’t finalized it yet, though.

  9. Kim Cowgar says

    I don\’t make resolutions because they are too final and I never keep them but there are things that I would like to work on throughout the year

  10. Krystal M says

    Simple ones, but ones I think I can manage to do. Most of them are just a certain goal I want to reach, but a really flexible one.

  11. Kristin Doan says

    I do not usually make a New Year’s Resolution, but this year I did. I plan to perform 35 acts of kindness on my 35th Birthday this year!

  12. Holly Trudeau says

    I make resolutions pertaining to living a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthier & working out more :)

  13. jenn says

    I don’t normally make resolutions but I have had some health problems so this year I am trying to cut soda out of my diet completely

  14. Shawna says

    I make the kind of New Year’s resolutions that are challenging, but reasonable. This year I’m eating healthier, getting more active and devoting more of my time to family.

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