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Full Core #StopSnacking


Having a baby changes a lot in a woman. Not only does your body change during pregnancy but after as well. And the challenges are in so many different ways! And as I found out the hard way, breastfeeding isn’t always a weight loss answer.

And do you know what I just found that has left me positively elated? A natural appetite control drink called Full Core. We’re talking a utterly refreshing lemon/lime flavored drink that actually curbs my appetite for endless snacking. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, it also promotes digestive health as well!


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See, some amazing Momma’s bounce right back to a pre-pregnancy shape. {I was not one of those women.}  And some lucky women don’t endure cesarean sections. {Again, I was not part of that fortunate group either.} But more over; I had the added delight of birthing a child that never wanted to sleep.

So after having my son last year and suffering from severe sleep deprivation, I did what any other bleary eyed Momma is going to. I drank coffee {lots of it} and I snacked my way through each day. Now, I will admit the snacks started out healthy. But not being able to drive, lift, or travel for 6 weeks put a damper on quality food and went straight to the convenience of fast food.

And once those bad habits took hold, I would constantly crave those greasy or sugary snacks. Even now as my food intake has gotten healthier, the lack of sleep keeps me hungry ALL day long. But breastfeeding for eight months really did change the way I ate. And even after I weaned my son, I didn’t want to go back to ingesting synthetic weight loss aids.


Full Core #StopSnacking


I purchased Full Core directly from the main website. They have a great website store for those that don’t live near local retailers. {But don’t be afraid to ask for it to be stocked at your local grocer.} Shipping costs were low and they do offer free shipping periodically as well. You can actually follow along with my entire purchase here {On a Mission to #StopSnacking with Full Core}.


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The flavor is crisp and tangy. Full Core is reminiscent of other lemon/lime soda so its a great {and healthier} alternative. The reason it curbs your appetite is because it contains 40% {10 grams} of your daily fiber. Only using a stevia leaf extract to sweeten, Full Core has ZERO sugar as well. And did I mention its only 25 calories?

Lightly carbonated, this is the perfect product to put a little zip in my day. Its best when served chilled. Has no preservatives and is ALL NATURAL. Full Core is FREE of gluten, caffeine, sodium, and sugar. There aren’t any hidden artificial ingredients  flavors, or colors. I keep reading the nutritional chart thinking that I’m missing something but I am continually amazed how great this product is. In fact, in case you need to see to believe too, here it is.

Nutrition Chart: Full Core #StopSnacking

Full Core doesn’t pull any punches with its claims either. It readily promotes being a thirst quenching, appetite controlling, and digestive health product. I really wanted to see how well it could really work. So I was really thirsty and super hungry when I opened my Full Core at breakfast.

I am super busy getting the day started in the mornings. First thing is getting the kids settled into breakfast. Normally, I drink about 16 ounces of water and find time to eat later. But the cooler weather has been making me even more hungry then normal. {This would be where my pitfall snacking would work into my day.} So I was all the more amazed that after only 1/2 a can of Full Core, I felt GREAT.

I was absolutely amazed. After just 6 ounces I felt completely satiated. My stomach stopped aching, I wasn’t parched anymore, and I had absolutely no inclination to nibble. I knew I needed more fiber in my diet. But what a surprise to feel what 40% of your dietary fiber feels like in a 12oz drink.

Plus its zippy flavor left me bright eyed and ready to start my day. Another great aspect? This is such a great, all natural product that even my kids could drink it. Not that they need to lose weight, but I’d rather they drink an all-natural Full Core then regular soda. And overall, I don’t want anything in my pantry or fridge that isn’t safe for them as well.

Full Core Website #StopSnacking
You can find the Full Core website at {www.fullcore.com}.


Looking forward to trying this out too? Then make sure to head over and view the Full Core website at {www.fullcore.com}. As well as on Facebook and Twitter too! You can also see what other bloggers are thinking of Full Core as well by visiting the Full Core on Pinterest.

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    Tastes great, stop the craving to snack AND that great list of no-nos not included? Sounds like a win-win to me, a Mom right there with you in the not enough sleep, C-section club 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for the introduction to Full Core!

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