BlogHer ’13 or BUST! #Chicago




“I left my home on the way to Chicago,
somewhere out in the middle of the road,
Where all my dreams are falling like snow
at night I can still see it glowing….”
~Rusted Root 


Just this week it was announced that the pinnacle of all bloggy-dom conferences {BlogHer} will be hosted in the good ole Midwest next year! So GUESS who’s planning for a trip to CHICAGO in 2013! Okay so I’ll give you a hint…Me! Can you tell that I’m a {little} excited? I seriously have to refrain from using excessive punctuation{!!! & ???} or blocked letter text abbreviations {PTMM OMG}!

So where was I? Oh yes…BlogHer ’13 is being hosted in Chicago, IL next year! {Definitely proof the world is not going to end, BTW.} I am totally tickled pink and even the good ole Hubs is excited to cast me off to the big city. Though we’re not exactly sure of the how-what-or-who that may help get me over there, we figured shouting BlogHer’s Chicago plans would be a great start. The fact that posting also enters me in a social media promotion to win a conference ticket doesn’t hurt the successful visualization process either.

And just what DOES a BlogHer conference entail? Why only the best 3 days of networking, learning, sharing, and social media blog-loving women the world has to offer! This year 4,000 such gals descended upon New York City in all its glam and glory. Together they branched out to form connections and community that will span their blogging careers. And especially in a world where any profession is competitive, its enlightening to have a conference that promotes support and growth.

Okay so enough mushy bonding stuff.  Onto the planning boards my Chicago trip will go. To which my expressed desire to see Union Station, the Sears Tower and take pictures next to the Chicago Bean {aka Cloud Gate} in Millennium Park. And here’s also hoping that good ole Saint Nick has his own network for Amtrak and the perfect new luggage to own. If all things work out perfectly, the whole family will get to visit Chicago as well to pick me up and spend the remainder of the weekend.

So what do you think? Are you a blogger totally excited to go next year? Or can you simply relate after attending a conference on networking and career/brand building?


Roasted Disclosure:
I have had the opportunity of bringing you this information as a complete and utter groupie {aka member} of all things BlogHer.  As stated above, completion of this post allows me to be eligible for prize drawings based on social media participation. Please know that all my opinions, excitement, and overall enthusiasm within this article are my own. Thank you.
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