Trader Joe: Cookie Butter

Welcome to my {daily} post as part of the #BlogHer National Blogging PostingMonth! Or as its more commonly known…NaBloPoMo. Each month there will be a theme, and each day there is a “raw” writing challenge. Each weekend, we are left to our devices to dabble as we please. Length is not a requirement, not even words…only creativity. And the determination to write/post each day, every day, uniquely to the task at hand.


Every woman has a product that they keep stashed for emergencies. Not chocolate mind you…that is more like a life-blood requirement for sanity. I’m talking about that high-calorie, gluttonous gimmie  that simply makes the world brighter by being in it. That special jar of ooey-gooey OMG goodness that can somehow transport you back to childhood when the measure of food was simply how good it was. Thus…let me introduce you to my favorite friend Speculoos, or as I like to purr with absolute affection, Cookie Butter.
Yeah, let that roll out with questioning if you will. Could you ever even think such a product could exist? Can the untrained tongue even wrap its mind around such decadence? Not just for the holidays anymore we keep this gem of a spread year round thanks to Trader Joe grocery mart. Spread it, cook with it, even just spoon it out to indulge mid-step, this mixture of gingerbread and crushed cookies is worth the extra hip girth. Interested? You should be, and if not? Well then, that just leaves more for me.


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    I have tried this as well at Trader Joe’s and it was delicious. I almost bought it, but didn’t we are trying eat healthier, and I know this would be gone in a day with my 4 kids!


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